Waste to Energy

In accordance with Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) policy and providing an environmental solution for the disposal of non-biodegradable plastic waste, every year about 200,000 ton of waste will be mixed with oil shale and fed into Northwood’s processing plants for production of oil and electricity.

  • In Israel 5.4 million ton of municipal and commercial waste are produced each year, of which plastic components are about 18%. Plastics are inexpensive and durable, and as a result levels of plastic production are high. However, the chemical structure of most plastics renders them resistant to many natural processes of degradation. Together, these two factors have led to a high prominence of plastic pollution in the environment, afflicting land, waterways and seas (see UN report).
  • Energy recovery is the optimum method to treat waste as it includes the production of electricity, heat, or fuel from non-recyclable waste materials. This process is often called Waste-to-Energy (WtE) and it’s highly supported by the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection (see the MoEP presentation – in Hebrew).
  • The best method of WtE for plastics is Pyrolysis (decomposition of organic material at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen), the same method that will be used in Northwood’s plants for production of oil and electricity from oil shale and plastic waste. Advantages of Pyrolysis for plastics are:
    1. The secondary pollution after pyrolysis process is small, which can simplify the pollution control problem and make the environment safer. Pyrolysis is carried out under the condition of absence of oxygen, so there are fewer NOX, SOX, HCI and other public hazard generating.
    2. The end products of pyrolysis are fuel oil and fuel gas, which are convenient for storage and long-distance transportation as heat source (while the heat generated by incineration is suitable for nearby use and can be used to generate electricity, heating water or producing steam only).
    3. The waste pyrolysis process is easy to control.

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