The Company

Northwood Exploration Israel (Northwood) was established in 2011 and is based in Israel.

Since 2011, Northwood advances the construction of oil shale & municipal plastic waste processing plants for the production of oil & electricity. Most plastic waste is organic material produced by the oil and gas industry. The organic content of oil shale will be mixed and enriched by organic content of municipal non-biodegradable waste (mainly plastic PE/PP).

The Ministry of Environmental Protection policy is to find solutions to the problem of landfilling non-biodegradable plastic waste. Providing an environmental solution for the disposal of non-biodegradable plastic waste, every year about 200,000 tons of waste will be fed into the production plants, turning Northwood facilities into the largest Waste to Energy facilities operating in Israel.

The planned annual production is about 1.5M-1.6M barrels of oil for 30 years and more. Also, by using excess heat from the process, the facility will produce 60MW of electricity.

Northwood is owned by the Casella family, they operates in Mineral Exploration & Drillings in Australia and Israel. They are also the owners of the Casella Wines Group, one of Australia’s biggest wine makers.

Northwood has assembled a professional vast experienced team, which includes experts in the fields of: geology, ecology, chemistry, engineering, regulation and economics.

The company is cooperating with local and international leading engineering and design groups.

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Northwood’s project involves the advanced development and construction of the industrial oil shale & plastic waste processing…


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Northwood is led by a strong and experienced management team who hold various credentials and experience within the oil industry and environment…


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