Global Oil Shale Industry

World distribution of Oil Shale:

Oil Shale is a well-known deposit from early geological research and is distributed worldwide. Some of the better known Oil Shale deposits are the richer ones. These are found in the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Estonia, Scotland, Germany, the Middle East and many other locations. The richest oil shale has an organic content reaching up to 30%+.

In the Middle East vast deposits of Oil Shale occurs in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. They are of Upper Cretaceous (mostly Maastrichtian) age, fairly rich and relatively widespread and thick.


Global oil shale industry:

  • The utilization of oil shale shallow deposits ( was developed as a result of two energy crises during the last century
  • In Estonia, China, Brazil and Israel the oil shale utilization is still implemented in modest commercial plants.
  • The existing large shallow deposits in the world allow the implementation of large commercial oil shale utilization.

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