Israeli Oil Shale Geology

The deposits of oil shale in Israel and adjacent countries are from Upper Cretaceous age and are relatively organically rich.

The Rotem Plain Oil Shale deposit is characterized by both local organic enrichment, near surface conditions and favorable planning and permitting conditions. A phosphate deposit underlies the oil shale and hundreds of wells penetrated either one or both deposits. Within Northwood license boundaries and its immediate vicinity over 135 wells penetrated the oil shale. Thus a great deal of geological information is available.

On the surface of the license area there are marl and chalk layers that constitute the overburden. The oil shales are to be exploited by conventional opencast mining.

Israel possesses an array of oil shale deposits

  • The existence of large deposits of oil shale in Israel has been known for years
  • Oil shale deposits exist in a number of sites in the northern Negev desert particularly in the Rotem-Yamin plains, Zin valley and in the coastal low lands
  • Only a small part of these deposits are situated in shallow depths suited for open cast mining (ex-situ)

Typical Geological Cross Section within the license area (Rotem Mizrah)


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The oil production by Northwood. is based on the SHC retort technology.


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