• NEI is committed to the preservation of the environment. The company operates with regard to compliance with environmental standards generally accepted in accordance with European Directive and the instructions of the Israeli Ministry of Environment.
  • NEI uses ex-situ technology in which the oil shale is mined and transferred to a separate extraction plant. This method does not use fracking, ground heating or production wells
  • NEI’s mine is located in an active mining area, therefore the externalities that are associated with mining are not caused by the oil shale mining.
  • In order to avoid environmental hazards the plants will be situated in an industrial area near NEI’s mine.
  • The oil shale will be mixed with non-biodegradable municipal waste (plastic waste) for the enrichment of oil production and as an environmental solution for landfilling of non-biodegradable municipal waste.
  • NEI’s plants will meet the Israeli and European environmental regulations.
  • Emphasis will be placed on increasing the efficiency of energy recovery process.
  • The oil shale ash that will be produced during the retorting process of SHC technology is not considered hazardous material and can be disposed by sending it back to fill depleted mines.
  • The heat recovery systems of the plant allows to generate electricity without further polluting emissions.

The Project

NEI’s project involves the advanced development and construction of an industrial oil shale processing


Oil Shale

Oil shale is a naturally occurring rock characterized by a high organic content.


Our Team

NEI is led by a strong and experienced management team who hold various credentials and experience within the oil industry.