About The Project

Northwood’s project involves the advanced development and construction of the industrial oil shale & plastic waste processing plants for production of oil, electricity, and ash products, and as an environmental solution for the landfilling of non-biodegradable plastic waste.

Project Highlights:

  • Northwood holds an oil shale license ( 2,961,000 m2 ), where the oil shale is overlying a phosphate deposit.
  • The industrial facility will be erected nearby in Mishor Rotem industrial zone.
  • The oil shale will be mixed with non-biodegradable municipal waste (plastic waste) for the enrichment of oil production and as an environmental solution for landfilling of non-biodegradable municipal waste.
  • The planned annual production is about 1.5M-1.6M barrels of oil for 30 years and more.
  • By using excess heat from the process, the facility will produce 60MW of electricity.
  • Providing an environmental solution for the disposal of non-biodegradable plastic waste, every year about 200,000 ton of waste will be fed into the production plants.
  • The plants are based on Solid Heat Carrier (SHC) technology that has demonstrated proven efficiency in Estonia to extract oil shale and produce shale oil for over thirty years.
  • Ash, as a by-product, improves the economic benefits of the project.
  • The project will have an attractive low break-even point, allowing the project to operate even at depressed oil prices.
  • The process is based on ex-situ technology, operates in a controlled system minimizing an environmental impact.



  • The oil production by Northwood is based on the SHC retort technology.
  • This technology reached its maturity and is practiced commercially in Estonia for many years.
  • The technology is characterized by utilizing all the particles spectrum without leaving unused mined oil shale.
  • All heat needed to dry the feed and generate electricity will be done by efficient heat recovery system using the residual carbon and retorted gas left after the retort process.
  • The oil shale feed is heated up by mixing it with hot ash till it reaches the optimal retorting temperature.
  • The shale oil vapors mixed with retort gas are cooled down in a cooling system were the shale oil is condensed and separated as final product and the retort gas is sent back to the heat recovery system.
  • The heat recovery system operates under moderate and controlled conditions to avoid ecological implications.


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Northwood is led by a strong and experienced management team who hold various credentials and experience within the oil industry and environment…



Northwood is committed to the preservation of the environment.


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